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tv   New Day  CNN  June 10, 2016 3:00am-6:01am PDT

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releasing on facebook just after his oval office meeting with bernie sanders. clinton hadn't got an heads up as early as sunday that the president's endorsement was forthcoming. an incredible show of force. top democrats lining up behind hillary clinton. >> i'm with her. i am fired up and i cannot wait to get out there and campaign for hillary. >> reporter: president obama endorsing clinton, just hours after meeting with senator bernie sanders at the white house. the president and clinton set to hit the campaign trail together in wisconsin next week. vice president joe biden following suit, making it clear who he thinks the next president should be. >> god willing, in my view it will be secretary clinton. >> reporter: and progressive senator elizabeth warren backing clinton, too. >> i am ready to get in this fight and work my heart out for hillary clinton to become the next president of the united states. >> reporter: warren a liberal favorite, could be crucial in bridges the gap between clinton
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and sander supporters. the coordinated endorsements, stealing the thunder to sanders campaign. >> needless to say i am going to do everything in my power, and i will work as hard as i can, to make sure that donald trump does not become president of the united states. >> reporter: sanders also helping to project unity by meeting with the vice president and senate congressional leaders. >> here we are in mid-june and we're still standing! >> reporter: question now, when will sanders fully support clinton as the nominee? >> my hope is, that over the next couple of weeks we're able to pull things together. the main role i'm going to be playing in this process is to remind the american people that this is a serious job. this is not reality tv. >> reporter: i talked to several folks in the white house telling me the president is eager to get out to campaign for clinton.
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enjoys a high approval rating, helping clinton, and a legacy to support supreme court members that are crucial to the democratic party. >> true, true. preserving what they've done, discuss this state of place. presidential campaign correspondent for the "new york times," maggie haberman. washington bureau chief for "the daily beast" jackie kucinich and political host of the david gregory show podcast, david gregory. so maggie haberman we don't want you to get out. take your time. this is good. go meet the president. the door closes and there's like a surprise party going on for hillary clinton. there are videos made, speeches ready to be given. >> right. >> somewhat of a mixed message? >> like the person who has a date, said it was great do it again sometime and never calls again. >> dating your best friend, in their car and a ring on her
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finger? >> it's pretty clear president obama was heading in this direction assuming she won california. not only won, won it by a landslide. there are not many places for bernie sanders to go, however, bernie sanders has a tremendous base of support that wants to see not just a different democratic party potentially a different partyentirely and hillary clinton needs those supporters. yes, you saw on the one hand, we're going to give bernie space, not be disrespect something but you saw the rest of the party and the most important person there wasn't really president obama, that was important, but it was elizabeth warren signalling to supporters, this is where we're heading. we understand you are upset, we'll give you time to grieve what happened. it's very hard to run a race and not win but we have to move on t. happened in rapid fire succession. david gregory, this was supposed to be bernie sanders' moment in the sun. walking don the promenade and they did it -- >> not an extensive shiva. >> was this a bernie sanders?
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>> what's going on this time? >> i need a minute after that cuoco line. i think bernie sanders really got his due yesterday. i mean, he had to walk on the colonnade of the white house, normally reserved for foreign heads of state. he was greeted in similar fashion on capitol hill. he -- certainly you have the president coming out and endorsing hillary clinton but the washington, d.c. primary, but, again, i think he was given his due. he's not endorsing yet sanders. important, yes, the rest of the party is united, starting to move on and maybe sanders is already there but also got a lot of supporters who may not be there yet and i think he's probably doing the right thing by not rushing his own endorsement of hillary clinton. despite the big day the clinton campaign had yesterday and all the rest, bernie sanders will be very influential at the convention and beyond.
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now the head of the progressive movement. >> jackie, maggie and i were talking before when i was getting my nails done and face put on, elizabeth warren made a choice. not only is it to get full-throated behind hillary clinton right now, but to get down into the mud with donald trump. we have the full screen of the endorsement, but, really, it was about the speech. what was her line yesterday? that he's a thin-skinned racist bully. >> yes. >> what do you make of her choice of that type of advocate, and that tactic? >> i mean, she's shown she can really get under donald trump's skin, and this allows hillary clinton maybe not to get into the mud. elizabeth warren can be that -- that, you know, fighter in front of her, really going into the trenches against donald trump. so -- and allowing hillary clinton to sort of rise above it and stick to policy going forward. we'll see if she continues in that role, but she's been very successful. first on twitter and then yesterday, in this very --
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understatement, forceful speech that she gave. >> maggie, help me understand the strategy here of the trifecta of endorsements. one right after another. why not save some of your back pocket until next week? >> because it's an incredibly partisan country. this is not 20 years, wide numbers of independents to appeal to and swing voters. this is very much blue/red. so when you have the republican party, that is people literally every day, top figures in the party twisting themselves into pretzels to say on the one hand, yes, i thought donald trump's statements, in their words, i thought were racist but i still support him and he's still better than hillary clinton. these are elections about turning out your base voters and that is why it matter. >> listen a little bit, david, i want to get your take, brother david gregory, but give hillary a moment with her sound. got to figure what this is.
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is elizabeth warren auditioning to be vp or just the attack dog? let's take a listen. >> even disqualifying judges based on their professional background isn't enough for donald trump. trump tells everyone who will listen that she a great businessman, but let's be honest, had e is just a guy who inherited a fortune and kept it rolling along by cheating people. in america we have the rule of law, and that means, no matter how rich you are, no matter how loud you are, no matter how famous you are, if you break the law, you can be held accountable, even if your name is donald trump. >> trump is criticizing judge curiel for following the law instead of bending it to suit the financial interests of one wealthy and oh, so fragile defendant. >> now, trump also whined that
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he's being treated unfairly, because the judge happens to be, we believe, mexican. and when he got called out, he doubled down by saying, i'm building a wall. it's an inherent con flicks of intere interest. con flick conflict of interest. he has personally, personally, stepped up his own attacks on judge curiel and condemned judges who be muslim on the disgusting here to they trump's own bigotry compromises the judge's neutrality. you just can't make this stuff up! >> we will not allow a small, insecure, thin-skinned, wannabe tyrant or his allies in the
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senate to destroy the rule of law in the united states of america! we will not. >> david? >> well, the "new york times" describes her this morning as the sledgehammer of the clinton campaign, and, boy, did she give an effective political speech for two reasons. one, we haven't seen a sustained attack on donald trump by a political rival that has worked. we didn't see that during the primary. elizabeth warren, i think har, opened up a front in this war that could be effective. she didn't just go after donald trump. all the hand wringing by republicans by donald trump is not hammering at all. went after mitch mcconnell, paul ryan said, you know what? donald trump is acting this way because they set the tone for it and it's really the view of the republican party. so as a political matter, this is really effective. not just going after trump but saying he's not a wild card.
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he is kind of part and parcel of his republican party. that sets the stage for a broader attack by the clinton team. >> so, jackie, in her endorsement, in warren's endorsement of hillary clinton she says i'm ready to jump into this fight and make sure that hillary clinton is the next president of the united states. so what will her role be? is she the sort of designated attack dog now? >> seems that way at this point and said in an interview she wasn't being vetted for vp and they hadn't talked about it. we'll take her at her word at this point. i wouldn't be surprise fundamental you see elizabeth warren campaigning with hillary clinton and other senate candidates. she's talking about the senate. she's talking about, i mean, she would be more than happy to be part of an overall strategy to bring the senate back to the democrats in 2016. >> you know, politics is going forwards, especially in elections. one thing she hits on that happens to be true, maggie, is the republicans don't like that this stink is on the whole party. that line that, hey, don't stand up now and say that what he just
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said was racist. you enabled him, and you enabled him, because this is what you are. they tonight like that. they don't accept that and are now in a weird position. what you just said is bigoted and it's not the first time you've done this, but you're our bigot. how do you do that? how do you support the person, call them out as a bigot but not own their bigotry? >> you don't in most cases. this is going to be really hard you're going to see up and down the ticket and democrats were slow to prosecute that case against republicans, slow to make it about these down-ballot races. you will see ads in the fall against congressional saying here's you supporting donald trump, agreeing with xyz policy, very difficult position for mitch mcconnell, main priority holding the senate. he is concerned about the white house and concerned about not losing the majority. that's what warren was going
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right to. >> david gregory, this just in. "washington post" reporting that hillary clinton and elizabeth warren will be meeting this morni morning. does this mean there's vp talk? >> first of all, the clinton team has been vetting vp names for a matter of months, and there's no question she's in the mix. you know, it's hard -- there's lots -- you canic ma the case for and against in lots of different ways. what is clear is that elizabeth warren is emerging as an incredibly effective surrogate. hillary clinton has to do something to be mindful of the progressive wing of the party. i think it's really important to point out that republicans go the into trouble by not paying attention to the rising tea party movement. hillary clinton in this courting of sanders and his supporters and elizabeth warren as part of that progressive wing has to make sure that she's being mindful of the progressive wing of the party, lest there become a tea party on the left. this is a really important period of that kind of courting. >> what do we think, jackie? if you had to game it out right
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now, is this the type -- >> oh, man -- >> just the way it's going. take it easy. not asking you to pull out the tarot cards. when you do it, you do it for a reason. warren. you step up. one, you were asked to do it. we saw what happened with the twitter war with trump, she backed off. what did that tell you? somebody told her to back off. somebody told her to step back up again and she did it. is this a role that can morph into vp or is a vp supposed to be more than a mouthpiece? >> particularly for hillary clinton, having an attack dog as a vp, to be the one to respond to the multitude of attacks donald trump will no doubt lob their way would be beneficial, but it depends on other things, is elizabeth warren ready to be president? the commander in chief test. a lot of things in consideration when looking at a vp. so, and the clinton campaign is probably going through all of those right now. it's not necessarily -- you're
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right. it is a role that someone like elizabeth warren could serve. >> panel, we need to talk about what's going on with donald trump and on the republican side. so, please, stand by. >> well, this is a first for donald trump. his mouth has literally put him in a bad position on both sides. it's not just the democrats you're hearing it from republicans as well. elizabeth warren, that's obvious. it's the gop leadership that he's worried about. can he get them behind him? we'll discuss, next. okay, so what's our latest data say? our customer is a 21-year-old female. heavily into basketball. wait. data just changed... now she's into disc sports. ah, no she's not. since when? since now. she's into tai chi. she found disc sports too stressful. hold on. let me ask you this... what's she gonna like six months from now?
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donald trump has trouble among his own. the republican party is trying to figure out how to get behind trump in the wake of this latest catastrophe of rhetoric when it comes to judge curiel, and what it means about trump's campaign overall. you have leader after leader calling those comments racist. so what will the party do? cnn's chris frates is live in washington with more. good morning, chris. >> reporter: hey, good morning donald trump's bad week doesn't appear to be ending any better than it began. fellow republicans continue to call his attacks on a federal
3:19 am
judge hearing, a lawsuit against him a racist, and democrats, well, they're having a field day hammering trump over his comments and enjoying the national spotlight. >> trump is picking on someone who is ethically bound not to defend himself. exactly what you would expect from a thin-skinned, racist bully. >> it is racist. >> reporter: elizabeth warren and vice president joe biden intensifying their attacks on donald trump. >> to use the office of the presidency, were he to acquire it, to intimidate and undermine an independent judiciary would be blatantly unconstitutional abuse of power. >> reporter: and democrats continue to blast trump's verbal assault on judge con sahl gonza. >> it was a mistake. a racist remark. >> reporter: house speaker paul ryan forced to continue
3:20 am
condemning trump's attacks. >> that is beyond the pale, not political correctness, suggesting a person can't do a job because of race or ethnicity,s that not a politically incorrect thing to do that's just a wrong thing to say. >> reporter: not all republicans agree. >> most of us realize that last week was a distraction. >> reporter: party leaders hoping to coalesce a divided party, and so trump showed a more measured side after the firestorm's criticism this week. >> he has to continue what he did tuesday night with specific speeches aimed at big topics, drawing a clear distinction between where he is and where hillary is. >> reporter: the controversy consuming trump's campaign comes as the billionaire tries to convince wealthy donors to open their wallets and help fund his campaign. some donors worry he'll have hundreds of millions of dollars less than hillary, but trump believes his ability to fund
3:21 am
raze will help that. and a senior campaign person said he would raise enough to win. >> what is going on in the republican party today? bring back maggie haberman, jackie kucinich and david gregory. maggie, donald trump first made comments about the judge's mexican heritage exactly two weeks ago today. this story has had more legs than i think anybody predicted. remember, he said things about muslims and handicappeded people, et cetera, et cetera, but somehow this has taken hold like nothing ever before. >> he called him back in february, spanish and his hispanic, which is fine. he did this a couple weeks ago, didn't get wide pickup. it was after the judge unsealed documents in the trump university case and that is when this exploded and trump reacted. one of the things democrats have seen and you've seen it with elizabeth warren and jackie referred to this, she gets under his skin. a lot of people get under his
3:22 am
skin and he has shown a wills will to chase shiny objects down a rabbit hole. that happened here. he said this repeatedly. he won't say that he made a mistake. we have never seen him say -- actually once, one time in this campaign. he has given this legs and as he has give didn't legs, refused to walk it back, republicans have had to respond. >> on that note, information is out this morning that he is willing to admit he made a mistake, but only in private. david gregory, this comes from ben carson. he is quoted in political coe saying, donald trump fully recognizes that this was not the right thing to say. he was probably talking out loud, rather than thinking. that's not a good thing to do when everything you say is going to be analyzed. in other words, he says that in private nbc a private meeting, trump acknowledged this was a mistake? >> we learn pretty early in our lives, not always effectively, we all make mistakes and you have to think before you speak.
3:23 am
he's a gut player and the gotten him this far. the party establishment wants him to fall in line, run this conventional campaign ignoring what has made his politically successful thus far. what maggie alluded to is an important point. a party of temperament. a campaign where voters are making assessments about their temperament. both of them. personal characteristics, how though come themselves under scrutiny and pressure. donald trump is suffering right now. we'll know more in a spat of polling coming out. hillary clinton has issues in terms of trustworthiness and honesty. it's a battle of personal characteristics but thin-skinned nature, temperament is important and will be important months from now. >> david, as you hear and we al you go after trump and how you go after clinton? hard to equate what happened with the global initiative with
3:24 am
bigot bigotry. one will resonate not in the media. the parties. sound byte from the leadership of his own party. >> he needs to quit these gratuitous attacks on various americans. >> it's at odds not just as a party. at odds with who he are as americans. >> i feel like a broken record, i say it all the time but am continually disappointed. >> a moot point. he won't be in the white house if he continues to make these kinds of statements do i think these antics are distracting and give us a campaign we cannot be proud of? yes. i've spoken very clearly about it. >> maggie says they want him to run a traditional campaign. they just want him to stop insulting people and put them in a position where they can't handle it anymore, jackie. that's what we're dealing with, with him, and then carson comes out saying he wasn't speaking, thinking out loud. this is a man who said openly on this show being gay is a choice.
3:25 am
all right? not a very high bar for discretion in terms of what comes out of your mouth and even he is saying, he's going to rethink this. how do they get behind him when they know they're embracing what they see as a pattern of bigotry? >> at some point this becomes less about running the presidency and more about saving the republican party. it becomes a triage operation. and i think that's what you hear from even paul ryan, from some of the, mitch mcconnell. people who have a lot of skin in the game at this point. and so they don't want it to get to that point which is why you're seeing all of these frantic behind-the-scene be conversations with donald trump and you saw that very stilted speech the other night for this victory speech, but donald trump hasn't shown the capacity to do ta twice in a row yet. he hasn't really shown a discipline, and -- but this is what the republican base elected, and they either have to learn to live with this or ignore him entirely and save the
3:26 am
house and senate at some point. >> maggie, the first polls are comes out now since this controversy over the mexican judge -- american judge he called mexican --. a fox news poll. interesting, a three-way race with gary johnson the libertarian candidate in. clinton gets 39%. same as in last month, but donald trump has dropped 6 points since last month. he gets 36%. if it's just a two-way were race, look at these numbers now, clinton gets 42%. he gets 39%. i think that's within the margin of error. >> one of the things that drove the clinton campaign crazy for the last couple of months, when people would talk about how you can't break through. he just gets so much attention. you know? it's just all of this free media. not all exposure is good exposure. right? you're seeing that in those numbers. that this is not something really that clinton did, although i think her speech probably did play into that, the one she did a week ago. >> the foreign policy? >> alleged foreign policy, really about a stakes-framing
3:27 am
speech. i do think that play add role because it showed her willing to sort of fight back and take the fight gredirectly to him. this is of his own making and it's hard to climb out of a hole if it gets too deep. >> as david gregory often says on this show it is also, maybe, the most complete look at temperament we've seen from him thus far. he said something that got limb in trouble. he doubled down on it. he then called a meeting and said this is what we're going to do. i win. here's how i win. and then it wound up hitting on a lot of different branches of what matters in this country and now his leadership is against him. a big tasty cake of trouble that he has to deal with. how he deals with it will are important as he moves forward. >> thank you very much, panel. a big exclusive today helping us take a step forward in understanding the state of play on the gop side. the man on your screen, wolf blitzer coming through with the big interview with mitt romney. what does he have to say about donald trump's status within the party? that will be on "the situation
3:28 am
room" with wolf blitzer at 5:00 p.m. eastern, only on cnn. >> good timing with that. well, the city of louisville preparing for a day-long celebration for the life and legacy of muhammad ali. a live report, next on "new day." text mom. boys have been really good today. send. let's get mark his own cell phone. nice. send. brad could use a new bike. send. [google] message. you decide. they're your kids. why are you guys texting grandma? it was him. it was him. keep your family connected. app-connect. on the redesigned passat. from volkswagen. i am a lot of things.
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a final good-bye today for one of the great american icons of the 20th century. muhammad ali. a funeral procession through the home streets of hem hometown of louisville, kentucky, this morning followed by a public memorial for tense of thousands of his fans. live outside of ali's childhood home, martin savidge. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, alisyn. a day befitting of a champion, and it's a day of celebration. the family wants to make that very clear here. not a time for sadness. it's a time to celebrate a remarkable life. day two, by the way, of a two-day farewell. and, also, make no mistake that all of what you are seeing here is either been planned by muhammad ali, expressly asked for, or he has signed off on the plan in a plan that's been ten years in the making. so that is why it will be such a
3:33 am
tremendous day. it will begin with a procession that starts at 9:00 eastern time. it's going to wind through the streets of louisville, kentucky, to allow as many people as possible to have their own private time to say their farewell. it's going to pass right by his boyhood home here, go through the neighborhood he grew up in and make its way to the cemetery. the last stretch of road to the cemetery will be covered completely by rose petals, and among the pallbearers, will smith and one of the great boxers lenox lewis, and a public ceremony. this is the memorial service. tickets gone in a matter of minutes. bill clinton among those who will remember the great one. it will be quite a day, chris? >> you know, what they call "the book" what happens with preparation when ali is gone is about the pomp and circumstance and also all the causes that mattered to him and why. we'll take people through that.
3:34 am
coming up, ali's daughter laila is going to share memories of her hour and in the 8:00 hour, talk to former heavyweight boxing champ evander holyfield. stay with cnn for coverage of ali's funeral and memorial service starting at 1:30 p.m. eastern. and with president obama formally endorsing hillary clinton saying he is ready to hit the trail on her behalf. will president obama take on donald trump and how? and could that backfire? all of that is next. or a man of culture who's out for adventure. you know when to hit the scene... or get far away from it. because it's all about striking... the perfect form. beat yesterday with fenix 3 hr. from garmin.
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♪ yeah, you'll just have to miss it! ♪ ♪ we can't let you download... uh, no thanks. i have x1 from xfinity so... don't fall for directv. xfinity lets you download your shows from anywhere. i used to like that song. president obama has hit the field. he's got one arm around clinton and the other one around the neck of trump. here's a taste of obama on "the tonight show." >> do you think the republicans are happy with their choice? >> we are, but i don't know -- i don't know how they feel. >> joining us now, political
3:39 am
commentators. good to see you both, fellas. the president is in the game. >> good morning. >> the endorsement is the least of it. it's what he's going to do going forward. what do you see and expect from the president? bakari? >> well, first and foremost i think the president is doing a wonderful job beginning to unify the party. the one thing to just bring elizabeth warren and bernie sanders into the fold, but we have about 10 million other american whose went out and voted and gave their blood, sweat and tears for bernie sanders and we need to bring them into the fold as that's not easy. second, she going to continuously pummel donald trump over his unfitness to be president of the united states. it's political and very personal for barack obama. >> ben, we were all ballplayers. somebody used to say, i got my five. who's your five? the five clinton is lining up seems to be obama, biden, clinton, sanders, and warren. who are trump's five?
3:40 am
>> i think he's still trying to figure out who that five are going to be and he likes being a one-man show when it comes to the center of attention. i think he feels like bring them on. he loves being ganged up here. having barack obama out there for hillary clinton is obviously a big asset for her. he loves the campaign trail. one of the things he was incredibly good at the first time he ran. you can tell that he enjoys it. this is also for him a victory lap. he's going to go around the country. people will love hearing and seeing him on the democratic side and he'll enjoy every moment of that. for donald trump, i don't think he's overwhelmed by this. look how he's been able to handle all the republicans that ganged up on him at the debates, after the debates, all the establishment that ganged up on him trying to take him down. i think he relishes this moment to go toe to toe. this is festering a while. barack obama took a lot of shots
3:41 am
at donald trump at that will not be forgotten. >> bakari, you have temperament, seeing it, measured and tested against trump. not just came out of his mouth saying he's either bigoted or racist but how he's dealing with it verse ethics. okay? because that's why hillary clinton's negatives are as high as his are in terms of the unfavorable ratings. how do you think clinton deals with her own challenges? whether it's benghazi, e-mail or any of the other sundry scandals that are coming out and will come out again? >> well, i think first and foremost, chris that is the balance of are this election. and i think what hillary clinton has to continue to do whether or not it's the 11th hour she spent in front of the benghazi committee or dealing with these challenges from donald trump as they come. she has to not only show and
3:42 am
prove to this country she is trustwort trustworthy, continues to show that and show that donald trump is unfit, setempermently unfit. a delegate kalins. she has to open up and continue to push back on that if she moves forward in this race. >> in fairness, ben, you have been in no rush for donald trump, i'm not using that, but it a precarious position. guys coming out, what the guy said it bigoted, some saying racist. we don't like it, it's unacceptable, but he's our bigot beer going with him because we're going to run him against clinton. that's not an easy thing to say, ben ferguson. how do you rationalize this? >> donald trump, you know what you get. he won't apologize or pull back from things he says. he doubles down when people put pressure on him. that's why people like him, ease
3:43 am
authentic and not overly calculated like you see from hillary clinton. he may say a comment you don't like aub a judge at least i didn't lie about my e-mails, he'll point out has a trust issue. donald trump has many people who came out and voted for him. there you'll see a big, you may not like what i say all the tile. i'm donald trump, i'll be blunt but at least i'm not hillary clinton when it comes to national security other issue, flat our lying or telling the truth. >> seems begging, the bigoted trying to get away from. ben ferguson, well argued, bakari sellers, always a pleasure. great to have you both on the show. talk sports, chris. the stanley cup in the house in pittsburgh, but no one got to drink from it just yet. andy scholes explains all of this in our "bleacher report," next.
3:44 am
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whoo! i mean, whoo. the san jose sharks staying afloat in the stanley cup finals with a win over the penguins last night. andy scholes has more in this morning's "bleacher report." >> alisyn, one of the hardest things to do, win on the road when facing elimination. with their backs against the wall, the sharks, they squashed the penguins party last night. check out the scene outside the arena. thousands of fans in pittsburgh ready to celebrate a championship. may have been more fans outside than inside. one minute into the game, the sharks on the board. his fabulous beard, put them up 1-0. martin jones, hero for san jose. he had the most saves in a stanley cup finals game in nearly 50 years. sharks win it 4-2 staying alive sending the series back to the bay. the city of cleveland will once again be rocking tonight for game four of the nba finals
3:49 am
and like game three, lebron says this is a must-win for the cavs. >> it's the same mind-set. we can't afford to go down 3-1, go into their building, confidence going back pap do or die game for us, still. >> we're 2-1. >> 2-1, up 2-1 right now and -- the story still is unfolding. >> tip-off tonight at 9:00 eastern, and, alisyn, this game likely deciding the series as the cavs can't afford to go down 3-1 heading back to the bay area. >> andy, great to see you and have you back. how's baby beckett? >> baby beckett is doing awesome. my wife is doing a fabulous job with those late-night feedings. >> ah, that's great! great to hear, andy. great to have you back. >> thanks so much. president obama does late night and slow jams the news. you've got to see this. we'll have it for you, next.
3:50 am
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president obama in one of his most comfortable roles on late dmisht tv a straight man in chief on "the tonight show" one of the funniest slow jams at least a while. >> also watching his face while it's happening. >> one line in particular really got us. so here it is with jimmy fallon. watch. ♪ it's been an honor and a prill privilege to serve as your president over the past eight
3:54 am
years, when i first took office our nation was facing one of the worst recessions in its history ♪ ♪ since then lowered unemployment to under 5% and raised jobs. throughs actions of my administration we were able to stimulate the company and get our country back on track. ♪ ah, yeah president obama stimulated long-term growth ♪ in both the public and the private sector ♪ in 2008, the country wasn't feeling in the mood ♪ it was too tired and stressed, said it had a headache ♪ but barack lit some candles and got some silky satin sheets ♪ ♪ silky satin sheets, now told the american people, yes, we can ♪ yes, we can, it's all right ♪
3:55 am
he created tons of jobs for you and me ♪ and he's got one more left for hillary ♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> as president i'm proud of the many progressive steps our country has taken in recent years both socially and environmentally. the united states has been a leader in developing clean energy to ensure the health of our planet for future generations. thanks to the affordable care act an additional 20 million americans now have access to quality health care, and same-sex couples across the country now have a constitutional right to marry. in short -- climate change is real. health care is affordable, and love is love. [ cheers ] ♪ hmm, hmm, hmm ♪ commander in preach ♪ got to listen to my man, accomplished a lot in eight years, even when congress tried to block him ♪ he found a way in through the back door ♪
3:56 am
when republicans gave him lemons he made so much lemonade ♪ beyonce started calling him ba roc baracky with the good hair ♪ ♪ baracky with the good hair he could go for three like my man steph curry ♪ >> there will be no third term, i can't stay forever. besides, daddy's got a hawaiian vacation bokked in about -- 223 days. but who's counting? that being said, the american people face an important decision this fall. the entire world is watching, and they look to us for stability and leadership. now, i know some of the presidential candidates have been critical of my foreign
3:57 am
policy. i don't want to name any names. sno ♪ he's talking about donald trump ♪ >> but i believe it is of utmost importance to work along slooid other leaders. why we reopened ties with cuba and negotiate add new detail, trans-pacific partnership, or tpp. ♪ now hold on, president dispenser, are you taying you're down with tpp ♪ >> yeah. you know me. [ applause ] look, jimmy, the tpp allows american businesses to sell their products both at home and abroad. the more we sell abroad, the more higher-paying jobs we provide here at home. it's that simple. ♪ so what you're saying is this trade deal will help put everyday americans back to work, work, work, work ♪ put them back to work, work,
3:58 am
work, work ♪ put them back to ♪ >> work, work, work, work, work. ♪ now, mr. president, since you're here i've got to ask -- have you been watching all the election coverage this week about donald trump ♪ >> no. but i have been watching my new favorite show. "orange is not the new black." >> whoa, whoa, whoa. [ applause ] i'm going to need you to netflix some chill. i get if you're a little wound up after all this time. i can't imagine what it would be like to do the same job for eight straight years. >> jimmy, you probably never will. ♪ does obama cover >> america's best days are still yet to come. >> thank you, mr. president, for all that you've done ♪ this country's on track and that is a fact ♪
3:59 am
once you go barack you will never go back ♪ thank you for leading the red, white and the blue ♪ that is how we slow jam the news ♪ >> oh, yeah. [ cheers and applause ] >> give it up for the president of the united states, barack obama. >> oh, my gosh. wow! >> how does they keep a straight face? >> that was one of the best parts. watching the president try to keep a straight face during those -- great jokes. >> blocked him in the front door and went through the back. >> his face, oh, boy. >> layers of ow this would play out. >> chris and i will slow jam the rest of the show. we're following a lot of news this morning. democrats uniting behind their presumptive nominee. so let's get right to it. >> i am fired up, and i cannot wait to get out there and campaign for hillary. >> i am ready to get in this fight and work my heart out for hillary clinton. >> i don't think there's ever been someone so qualified to hold this office.
4:00 am
>> the republicans are trying to figure out how to get behind a man they keep calling a bigot. >> i feel like a broken record. >> i continually am disappointed. >> he's trending the wrong way with me. >> an america, we have such poor choices. >> to intimidate and undermine an independent judiciary would be blatantly unconstitutional abuse of power. a final good-bye for muhammad ali. >> a giant. he was a king and he laid down a foundation that we should all try to follow. >> it's very rare, a figure captures the imagination of the entire world. >> announcer: this is "new day" with chris cuomo and alisyn camerota. hmm. beautiful day. and i've got to tell you, one of the beautiful things about watching the memorial of ali is that people aren't losing his greatness in only his moments in the ring. it's amazing as they were, the greatest of all-time, the goat. the beautiful part. his resonance. well beyond whether you care about the sweet science or not.
4:01 am
>> talk to his daughter laila. looking forward to hearing what she'll say about him today. up first, big police netica news. hillary clinton scoring big. president obama, vice president biden and senator elizabeth warren, remember how important she is to the berners, all saying with clinton in a major show of force. what about sanders? a big meeting with the president and others down there on capitol hill. he is promising to work with clinton. what will they mean? so democrats appear to be united. republicans, not so much. donald trump struggling to bring together a still very divided party. we have the 2016 race covered the way only cnn can. we begin with suzanne malveaux live in washington. good morning, suzanne. >> reporter: hey, good morning, alisyn. an extraordinary coordinated effort by the white house and the hillary clinton camp. amazing when you think about it. can't keep a secret in washington an hour much less two days but that is exactly what the president did in producing this well-produced video tuesday prior to releasing it on
4:02 am
facebook, just after his oval office meeting with bernie sanders. now, clinton had gotten a heads up, as early as sunday, the president's endorsement was forthcoming. >> reporter: top democrats lining up behind hillary clinton. >> i'm with her. i am fired up and i cannot wait to get out there and campaign for hillary. >> reporter: president obama endorsing clinton, just hours after meeting with senator bernie sanders at the white house. the president and clinton set to hit the campaign trail together in wisconsin next week. vice president joe biden following suit, making it clear who he thinks the next president should be. >> god willing, in my view it will be secretary clinton. >> reporter: and progressive senator elizabeth warren backing clinton, too. >> i am ready to get in this fight and work my heart out for hillary clinton to become the next president of the united states. >> reporter: warren a liberal favorite, could be crucial in bridging the gap between clinton
4:03 am
and sanders supporters. the coordinated endorsements, stealing the thunder to sanders as his campaign winds down. >> needless to say i am going to do everything in my power, and i will work as hard as i can, to make sure that donald trump does not become president of the united states. >> reporter: sanders also helping to project unity by meeting with the vice president and senate congressional leaders. >> here we are in mid-june and we're still standing. >> reporter: the question now, when will sanders fully support clinton as the nominee? >> my hope is, that over the next couple of weeks we're able to pull things together. the main role i'm going to be playing in this process is to remind the american people that this is a serious job. this is not reality tv. >> reporter: i talked to several in the white house telling me the president has been eager to get out and campaign for clinton. he'll do that next week. enjoys an unusually high approval rating for an outgoing
4:04 am
president. that will benefit her and he also has a legacy to preserve in supreme court nominations critical to the democratic party. chris? >> well analyzed. thank you very much, suzanne. what do we see after this? fresh off a clinton endorsement senator elizabeth warren went full throttle after donald trump. she came the attack dog for the clinton campaign, went after him about his comments about the federal judge, were ut that was just the tip of the iceberg. here's a taste. >> reporter: judge curiel has survived far worse than donald trump. he has survived actual assassination attempts. he will have no trouble surviving donald trump's nasty temper tantrums. trump is picking on someone who is ethically bound not to defend himself. exactly what you would expect from a thin-skinned, racist bully. [ applause ] now, judge curiel can't respond, but we can.
4:05 am
after his years of service as a prosecutor, judge curiel was appointed to the california state courts by a republican governor who calls him an american hero. he was nominated to the federal bench by a democratic president, and he was confirmed by a voice vote in the senate. that's what kind of a man judge curiel is. what kind of a man is donald trump? donald trump says, judge curiel should be ashamed of himself. no, donald. you should be ashamed of yourself. ashamed for using the megaphone of a presidential campaign to attack a judge's character and integrity, simply because you think you have some god-given right to steal people's money and get away with it? you shame yourself and you shame this great country. race-baiting a judge who spent
4:06 am
years defending america from the terror of murders and drug traffickers simply because long ago his family came to america from somewhere else? you, donald trump, are a total disgrace. donald trump is a loud, nasty, thin-skinned fraud who has never risked anything for anyone and who serves no one but himself. and that is just one of the many reasons he will never be president of the united states. >> all right. we have a lot of material there to talk about. so what is bernie sanders' next move now? senator jeff merkley is a democrat from oregon. the only sitting senator to endorse bernie sanders. good morning, senator. >> good morning. well, elizabeth really hit it out of the park on that, and i should add -- what we have seen as a record of donald trump failing to pay his workers, failing to pay his contractors and even failing to pay his own lawyers who have had
4:07 am
to sue him to go after fair payment for services rendered. i mean it is just an extraordinary record shortchanging workers at any possibility to enreich himself. >> it does seem as though the democrats are now relishing this moment and coming outside and in sort of a full-throated offense against donald trump, and we saw that from senator elizabeth warren and also saw something from her yesterday. she endorsed hillary clinton. i don't have to tell you that elizabeth warren is a darling of the progressive left, just as bernie sanders is. should senator warren have waited until bernie sanders was out of the race? >> well, i think many of us feel, certainly i feel, that once we have a candidate who has earned the majority of the pledged delegates and majority of the votes we have a nominee. those goal posts have been met. so this is a time when we're consolidating, working to bring the two wings of the party together, and so i certainly feel elizabeth warren has every
4:08 am
right to jump in and offer an endorsement, because we really do have our nominee. >> so -- >> but i want to add -- >> senator does that mean you're ready to endorse hillary clinton? >> no, but the question is -- the question isn't for whether i'm ready to endorse. the question is how do we bring the two wings of the paerrty together. >> before we get to that, why aren't you ready to endorse her today? >> it's so important over the weeks to come that we have this conversation between the two wings of the party that bring them together in an effective fashion, and that's the dialogue that has to occur just as it occurred eight years ago, and if we don't suckede in bringing those two wings together, then we're going to have a lot of trouble in november, even with a candidate like trump on the other side of the aisle. we have to take him seriously. >> yes. >> so here is what -- here is a sense of what most of the bernie wing is looking for -- they're looking for the big ideas that he advocated for in his campaign to be fully embraced. to be woven into the
4:09 am
conversation at the convention, and to -- >> such as -- >> well, such as the fact we need to pivot quickly off fossil fuels to save our planet. we need to dramatically reduce of cost of college to save opportunity for our children. we have to greatly expand living waged jobs to save the middle class and get cash out of politics to save our republic. these are the core pieces of the puzzle that we hope can be fully articulated, and that will be both great policy and great politics. >> so is bernie sanders waiting until the party or the platform embraces those tennants and promises that at the consequence those will be the tenants of the party before he officially gets out? >> he'll work to make sure these key ideas get woven in. exactly how, what he will ask for in terms of the platform, in terms of the rules, in terms of the type of presentations that our nominee makes in terms of
4:10 am
embracing these ideas is a conversation, it's a dialogue, between secretary clinton and senator bernie sanders, and it's a really important dialogue, just as it was eight years ago between senator obama and then senator clinton. >> yes. so then what is sanders' timing? what is senator sanders waiting for? the convention? >> i think he's engaged -- pivoting to turn to this dialogue. he said he had a very productive conversation with secretary clinton. plans to speak with her soon. he's bringing a group together this coming sunday to discuss kind of the path forward. so, you know, he's back. he's resting after california and the six states from last tuesday. he did say he would take his campaign officially through this coming tuesday, when d.c. votes. he wanted to honor, certainly wants to honor the premise he put forward that he would stay in the race until everyone in america has had a chance to vote, but the dialogue is under way. >> senator merkley, i want to ask you about the timing of
4:11 am
everything that happened yesterday. yesterday was billed at bernie sanders big day. he was going to the white house. he was having a sit-down with president obama. he was walking along the white house colonnade and right after hess left in sort of rapid fire succession he's endorsement from president obama and vice president joe biden and elizabeth warren came out. did you consider that as a little bit of a dis to bernie sanders? >> i didn't personally take it that way. the president had already telegraphed he was preparing to make an endorsement. he wanted to touch break, i think a gracious gesture with bernie sanders to have a dialogue. again that is part of the conversation about bringing the wings together. the president saying i'm going to endorse our nominee. our nominee is in place, i'm going to back her, but also holding the conversation with bernie sanders about, about the ideas he presented, congratulating him on the incredible campaign he ran, and acknowledging the power of the ideas he presented.
4:12 am
that's what moved millions of americans in the grass roots, these profound and solid recommendations about how we change course to put america back on track. those have to be part of the campaign going into the fall, because they're right in terms of how we're off track and incredibly important in terms of mobilizing americans to feel like this election really matters. >> reports that senator elizabeth warren and hillary clinton are meeting this morning. do you think that that is a possible ticket we're seeing? >> well i would love to see that. that would be enormously powerful. certainly in this dialogue about bringing the two wings of the party together it would be enormously powerful, but i have so much respect for elizabeth warren. she is brilliant, articulate, passionate, talks be a the values that we care about. she really knows how to communicate that to american audiences. it would be a terrific partnership between the two of them to be a ticket together. >> and so you weren't troubled
4:13 am
by the fact that she didn't wait until tuesday? you know, bernie sanders promised he's going to stay in through the d.c. primary on tuesday. should elizabeth warren, as coming from your camp in the party, should she, you know -- she could have made as big a plash next week? >> no. no, i wasn't troubled. there are two different things going on here. one is bernie is fulfilling his promise to stay in the race until everyone votes and i respect him a great deal for doing that, but we know within the party that the goal posts have been met. that we have our nominee. so the conversation begins about how to take that nominee forward, and that was the decision that elizabeth made, and i don't think there's any reason to secretary guess her on it. >> senator jeff merkley. thanks so much for being on "new day." great to talk to you. >> great to talk with you. >> get to chris. seems pretty clear trump's comments about a federal judge really sent some republicans just running for the hills, but other republicans are staying in his corner. so how do they justify this
4:14 am
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fire from all sides over the attack on the federal judge of mexican heritage. his refusal to publicly walk back the statements has a lot of republicans wondering about his temperament and whether or not he can unite the party. cnn's chris frates is live in washington with more. hi, chris. >> reporter: hey, good morning, alisyn. you're right. donald trump's bad week doesn't appear to be ending any better than it began. fellow republicans continuing to call his attacks on a federal judge hearing a lawsuit against him racist, and democrats, well, they're having a field day hammering trump over his comments and enjoying the national spotlight. >> trump is picking on someone who is ethically bound not to defend himself. exactly what you would expect from a thin-skinned, racist bully. >> it is racist. >> reporter: elizabeth warren and vice president joe biden are
4:19 am
intensifying their attacks on donald trump. >> to use the office of the presidency were he to acquire it, to intimidate and undermine an independent judiciary would be blatantly unconstitutional abuse of power. >> reporter: democrats and many republicans continue to blast trump's verbal assault on judge curiel. >> he's a mexican. we'll building a wall between here and mexico. >> he's trending the wrong way with me. >> he has to realize that was a terrible mistake. first of all, wrong, it was a racist remark. >> reporter: the pow speaker, paul ryan, continuing to condemn trump's attack. >> that's beyond the pale. that's not political correctness, suggesting a person can't do their job because of race or ethnicity is not a politically incorrect thing to do that's just a wrong thing to say. >> reporter: but not all republicans agree. >> most of us realize that last week was a distraction. >> reporter: party leaders are hoping to coalesce a divided party and trump showed a more measured side after the
4:20 am
firestorm's criticism this week. >> he has to continue what he did tuesday night with specificspeeches aimed at big topics, drawing a clear distinction between where he is and where hillary is. >> reporter: the controversy consuming trump's campaign comes at the billionaire tries to convince wealthy donors to open their wallets and help fund his campaign. some donors are worrying he'll have hundreds of millions of dollars less than hillary clinton, but trump believes that his unique ability to command free media and get tv will help make up that difference, and after a meeting between trump and top donors yesterday, a senior campaign aide said they would raise enough money to win. chris? >> is trump down? yes. is he out? nope. he is the gop presumptive nominee. so people are with him. the question is, how do they negotiate this period and how do they move forward together? that's discuss with cnn political commentator and trump supporter kailee mcenkcenancena.
4:21 am
what is your pushback to the argument against him about the metaphor effect on his temperament of what we're seeing right now, about the judge, the system, and his response to it? >> people want someone on the outside. there's a reason that donald trump got more votes than any nominee in presidential history. people are in the mood for someone who says it like it is. sometimes does he go too far? yes, but it's his greatest attribute and his achilles' heel. he has to learn to rein it in at times. that said, people want a straight shooter, tired of the teleprompter speeches and that can take him far if he learns how to rein it in at those times. >> big if. have we seen any proof that donald trump -- i know the word presidential bothers some. right? seems to be some kind of retreat to the arcane, this retreat to political correctness, but have you ever seen him in this process change and say, you know what? that was wrong. i shouldn't have done it. i'm sorry. here's what i've learned.
4:22 am
now i'll do it differently? >> a think the heidi cruz retweet. he said, i shouldn't have done that. i shouldn't retweet and he really hasn't. last night he did retweet, he did, but -- >> that's the point, though, right? >> largely, he stopped that. one thing he does so well and this is where sometimes he falters. when he conducting interviews, rather answers interview questions he answers the question asked of him. a great attribute. people ask questions, he answers. accident deflect lie hillary clinton, a master deflector. will not answer the question. saw it twice inner interview with an alternate network. she deflected. donald trump does not. >> to say that trump doesn't deflect is one of the least substantiated comments i've ever heard. that man can dance like he's on broadway and that's an asset also. i don't think candors is what is getting him in this, i think it's what you just heard from his supporter ben carson. he thought -- he spoke -- but he
4:23 am
didn't think before he spoke, r situation. he just said it instead of thinking first and then saying it. that's not a good about tra beaut if you're going to be in this game. you have to learn to do it differently. can he? >> i think he can. i don't think he is a deflector. he was asked about this judge. walks into an interview. wants to talk about the economy, about terrorism. everyone asks about the judge comments and he answers them. asked, unlike hillary clinton. >> he could answer lots of different ways. i'm take care of this case. it's irrelevant. let me talk about this. instead he took a shot at the judge not only unsubstantiated but totally denied by his own lawyer, and now has the gop leadership against him. and again, it's important for people to know, this isn't my take or the media's take. this is your own. it is their take. listen to the gop leaders. >> he needs to quit these gratuitous attacks on various americans. >> it's at odds not just as a
4:24 am
party. it's at odds with who he are as americans. >> i feel like a broken. i say this all the time. i am continually disappointed. >> a moot point. he won't be in the white house if he continues to make these kind of statements. >> are you saying it's possible you can walk into that arena in cleveland, ohio, and not endorse? >> absolutely. of course. >> said on fox news, no less. it is a tricky proposition for someone like kailee mcen k cen anyone -- mcen ninny. he's your racist, your bigot and you have to put your arms around him and go against the other side? is that the proposition. >> i take issue with the premise. i don't think he said anything bigoted or racist. i disagree with ryan on that front rnts a front. >> and all the others? >> let's look at the big pig
4:25 am
chpig -- the big picture. chris christie said, to truly believe donald trump is a racist you have to believe he thinks another race is inferior. that's hard to believe. hired people of all colors, dealt with people of all colors and nags agents. >> but he consistently brings up peoples differences as reason for action. this guy's mexican. forget about the fact he isn't. his heritage is what it is. he chose to bring it pup make it about terror and islam, what mexicans are like. you don't have to define immigration this way. he makes these choices. isn't that curious to you? >> no. he's a realist. look at the muslim ban or temporary ban on muslims until we figure what's going on. >> all muslims. >> the president will not marry radical islam with terrorism. that is a problem when someone will not acknowledge that these terrorist attacks have an
4:26 am
undergirding, are all radicals muslim? absolutely not. >> but that's what he -- people say, those muslims where did they get that from? from trump in part. a lot of people think that as well, but he's made it part of the president's campaign. that's tricky also, right? >> he's a realist. realizes terror stops at the border. 400 isis went into paris. how do we figure how someone got in on a visa and killed 14, 15 americans, until we figure that out we have to stop it. he's a realist when he said, until we figure it out, this is what has to happen. >> what's the difference -- we doeth know there's a difference between being a realist and bigoted in terms of how you define reality? right? i think that's kind of the space that he's wound up crossing over for a lot of people. that diversity is america's greatest strength and yet now it
4:27 am
seems for donald trump diversity keeps coming up something he sees as problem, with the judge, with muslims, we people coming across the border illegally. does he have to stop that to be president? >> i think he shouldn't have mentioned the judge's heritage. something he shouldn't have done. >> should he apologize? >> i don't think so. i look at his intent. it bas to bring up the judge's association with la raza san diego. >> would you apologize if you said it? >> for that? >> you wouldn't have never said it? >> it never would be racist intent. no. you don't apologize. what he was trying to say was bigger than the media made it seem. they isolated one statement cut out the parts where he brought up the judge's actions he thought was biased and focused on that one statement. he shouldn't apologize. never had a racist intent. >> thank you for making the case. appreciate it as also. legendary boxer muhammad ali laid to rest today. next, his daughter laila ali joins us live to give a personal reflection of the life and
4:28 am
legacy of the man they all called "the greatest." what are you doing? getting faster. huh? detecting threats faster, responding faster, recovering faster. when your security's built in not just bolted on, and you protect the data and not just the perimeter, you get faster. wow, speed kills. systems open to all, but closed to intruders. trusted by 8 of 10 of the world's largest banks. wannwith sodastreamter? you turn plain water into sparkling water in seconds. and because it's so delicious, you'll drink 43% more water every day. sodastream. love your water.
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the legendary muhammad ali
4:32 am
laid to rest today. a funeral procession begins in louisville in about 90 minutes and will be followed by public memorial will ali will be eulogized by the likes of billy crystal and former president bill clinton. president obama also remembers ali reflecting on cherished mementos that he received from the man known simply as "the greatest." >> first of all, we've got this book -- which says, "goat, the greatest of all-time. a tribute to muhammad ali." the reason it's so important to me is the champ gave this book to me personally. what i learned was that, you know, he really was rooting for me the whole time i was running for the u.s. senate and running for the presidency. and he thought that having this book would be a nice way for me to know that i had a champ in my corner.
4:33 am
>> wow. that is so powerful. joining us now is muhammad's daughter laila ali. laila, good morning. thanks so much for being here. >> good morning. >> our condolences, of course, to you and your family. tell us what today will be like for all of you. >> thank you so much, and on behalf of the family, i would like to say that we appreciate all of the outpouring of love and everyone sending their condolences. we don't really know exactly how today is going to go. i mean, we're going through the process just as everyone else, but i do know that my father's wife is carrying out everything as my father wished for it to be, considering, of course, taken into account, of course, all of the people that are here coming to louisville. there's thousands of people here, and everybody wants to say their good-byes to my father. so i'm just hoping that everything goes nice and smooth today, and we have a positive,
4:34 am
peaceful memorial for my father. >> let's talk about your father's wishes about how today would go, because he was ex-clis explicit. he had given a lot of thought, i understand. there was a document, correct me if i'm wrong, he started years ago that sort of spelled out instructions. tell us about that. >> yes. i'm not sure as to how much there was there. i don't have all of the details, but i do know that my father wanted to have, you know, the muslim ceremony, which he did, and we did that yesterday. he wanted that -- he wanted all people to be able to attend his memorial. so he wanted it to be in a stadium so that there would be enough, and i think there was something like 16,000 people that will be there. there's going to be a parade and processional in the street, procedure more than 100,000 people will be there. so i think that just as my father's life was about
4:35 am
including everyone, and letting -- he wants everyone to be there for his passing as well. >> your father was a muslim role model. how important was that role for him? >> my father was a role model, i think anybody in the public eye is a role model and he happened to be a muslim. and his religion was very important to him. i mean, there's so much history there, of course, and so much growth as a man of god, and, you know, he started off one way and ended up another, and we got to see that all unfold and in the end, i look at him -- because i'm not muslim. i didn't choose to be muslimusl but i see that my father is a very spiritual man. he loves all people. people of all religions and believes people should be who they want to be but there's right and there's wrong. doesn't matter your religion and all people to him were equal, like i said, thought all people
4:36 am
were the same and wanted peace and equality for all. >> your father bas diagnosed in 1994 with parkinson's disease. on some level you've been mentally preparing for this day for a long time. does that make it easier? >> i definitely think so. i think it's -- it would be much harder if, you know, anyone who's lost a loved one suddenly knows. you're just going about your life and everyone's healthy, all of a sudden someone passes away, it's more of a shock, but i do understand the circle of life. we all have to go at some point. but when somebody's sick and have a disease that progressively gets worse you're watching that happen and you know it's going to gb worse just as he did. he planned for this himself. imagine that, being so detailed about your passing. definitely makes it easy, but we're still very sad and like i've said before, i've been sad for a long time, just watching my father go through it. you don't should it. you suppress it because he
4:37 am
doesn't want you to feel sad or bad, and he wouldn't now, because this is something that was bound to happen, and now it's here and we just have to go through the process. >> for those of us who only knew your father as this larger than life sports figure, what do you want us all to know about him personally? >> you know, it's -- my father was larger than life, but he was such a, just a regular person, too. that's the thing. like, he never wanted to feel like he was better than anybody else or above anybody else. you know, he happened to be known around the world, but would still walk down the street, and, you know, eating in restaurants and never feel like, you know, he had to be secluded from anyone. he always included everybody. he loved people. i think that's the main thing. he loved kissing babies. he loved making everyone feel special. especially those that most people wouldn't notice. whether the housekeeper, the janitor or, you know, the trash
4:38 am
man. those are the people that he really paid extra attention to. you know? so i think that, you know, he loved god, he loved himself and he loved all people and i think that's something that we all want to strive for -- maybe not all, but i would say to my standards would strive to be the best that we can be and i nat he d. and he loved you. we're looking at these pictures of you from the time that you were a toddler on, and how much, how proud he was of you, and how much he loves you. i know that you posted this powerful picture to your instagram account, and it is, the sign being hung on west 33rd street that says, muhammad ali way. what does this picture mean to you? >> i think it's great. i mean, my father -- fought at madison square garden, and was a part of making new york city what it is now, and i thought when i first saw it i thought to myself, my dad probably was thinking like what took them so long? and it's a temporary sign.
4:39 am
you know? it's a temporary sign but a great honor for him and a very nice way to pay homage to him. >> people are gathering right now outside of your father's childhood home in louisville, kentucky. obviously, we'll be following everything that happens and unfolds today. laila ali, we'll be thinking of you. take care. thanks for sharing everything with us. >> thank you so much. we appreciate it. thank you. stay with cnn today for coverage of muhammad ali's funeral and memorial service that starts at 1:30 eastern today. chris? all right. now, this statement is not news. mitt romney is not a fan of donald trump. you know that, but now, what is romney's role? what is he going to do as trump starts to court donors? is romney going to do something to block that? to take down his own party's presumptive nominee? we're talking to be a topraiser summit, next. stuffy nose?
4:40 am
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shoshow me more like this.e. show me "previously watched."
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what's recommended for me. x1 makes it easy to find what you love. call or go online and switch to x1. only with xfinity. the e2 summit in you'utah bs together some of the best minds in the republican party. this year, an odd dynamic. the summit's host, mt romney, sharply at odds with the party's presumptive nominee donald trump. let's talk with spencer zwick, managing partner of solar capital. thanks for being on "new day" g.
4:44 am
>> good to be with you. >> do you think what we're experiencing with trump right now, the comments about the judge, refusal to apologize, how ease doubled down, gop response of negativity, will it hurt his ability to fund razise? created instability within the party. comments creates uncertainty. >> what do you say, if somebody says, look, they're saying in our leadership what this man said is bigoted, may be racist, how am i supposed to justify my decision to give him money, if that's true? what do you tell them? >> well, donors do ask that question. they wonder, how can they support of party whose nominee is going to say racist things? they hope that they doesn't continue to say those things, but for many of the donors, chris, they, that will be it for them. i think there are donors certainly here and that i've talked to around the country who
4:45 am
have decided that those comments and as well as others have are, are going to prevent them from supporting donald trump. >> i hear from other deep pockets, though that there is somewhat of an existential battle. what is my alternative? this guy won the process, vanquished a big field, and my alternative is clinton as president, who to many in the gop is being, you know, likened to evil incarnate. is that what it is? you have to go with trump because you can't have clinton? >> there's no question that that feeling exists. last night we had a chance to hear from secretary james baker, former secretary of state, as well as leon panetta, former secretary of defense. they gave differing points of view, and i think doane edonors away saying i can't support hillary clinton. there are only two options and therefore i have to support donald trump, but many are doing so reluctantly but are
4:46 am
republicans, want to support the party, believe in party unity, but their optimism and excitement for supporting donald trump when he makes comments like that brings that into question. >> and, of course, money can always just choose to stay out. right? what makes it different than the elected and what they have to do whip staying with the party. give me some scoop. what do you expect mitt romney to make this summit about? >> well, this has always been a summit about ideas. he's done this summit since 2012. he's brought together leaders in business, in industry, in politics, in public policy, and it's a chance to talk about ideas on american leadership. we've had democrats. we've had republicans. what we do is find common ground on ideas that are important related to american leadership, and i think this year will be, you know, we'll do that as well. we won't have any presidential candidates here at the summit this year, but certainly presidential politics is a topic at every conversation.
4:47 am
>> he has been so outspoken. even uncharacteristically so, about donald trump. that he's gone after trump in ways that mitt romney doesn't usually go after people. what do you think he's going to ask people here at the summit? what are you hearing already? you're very close with him. so what does he want? does he want the money to stay out? does he want you to make the convention about bringing in an insuggestant? what does he want? >> let me be clear, this is not a nerve trump gathering. that is a very important point, that this is gathering, it's been going on four years. it's not designed to try to stop donald trump. likewise, the not a pro-trump gathering. although we will hear from republican leaders, we're going to hear from paul ryan, from reince priebus. the donors here are obviously largely republican donors, but this is not an effort to try to stop those donors. governor romney has good friends that are supporting donald trump. he has good friends supporting hillary clinton at this point, and a lot who are sitting on the sidelines waiting to see what
4:48 am
happens. and some, frankly, who have said i'm staying out of the presidential and folks my effort instead on protecting a house majority in the house of representatives and paul ryan's agenda is something i want to get behind. >> that's what we're hearing. how do we avoid trump -- a bizarre conversation to have. you can't ignore the guy at the top of the ticket, but that's what we're starting to hear. what was sentiment like last night? >> well, when the summit opened, people were highly interested in certainly what james baker and leon panetta had to say from different sides of the aisleip think people will are interested in what paul ryan has to say as well as governor romney. reince priebus, of course will talk about party unity. why it's so important to bringd are by and large still on the sidelines. back in 2012, in the month of
4:49 am
june governor romney raised $100 million in one single month along with the republican party. a sense of complete party unity amongst donors. that hasn't happened yet in the trump organization. maybe it will. there's still time. he's pulling donors together, but certainly among the group here i would say it's split. >> spencer zwick, you got your work cut out for you this year, my friend. look forward to checking in with you throughout this process. appreciate you being on "new day." have a good weekend. enjoy the summit. >> thanks for having me. >> all right. we have a cnn exclusive coming up. wolf blitzer is going to interview the man at the middle of this summit. mitt romney. he's going to be on "the situation room" at 5:00 p.m. eastern, only on cnn. alisyn? time for cnn "money now." christine romans is in our money center. what are you seeing, money center. a rough start for the stock market and potentially your retirement account. fears about global growth and the brexit vote rushing into
4:50 am
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4:54 am
season seven of anthony bourdain parts unknown wraps up this weekend in buenos aires.
4:55 am
tony bourdain himself, here with us now. how do you feel after all this traveling? do you feel better than ever? >> i do, though after you spend a week or ten days in argentina, when i saw my first vegetable on returning to the states, i almost fell to my knees and wept with joy. i mean, it is -- i am a carnvor, but meat and more meat. >> they really take their meat very seriously down there. you took this shoot very seriously. >> yes. >> you say on a show that is known for being gorgeous, you're saying you've seen nothing yet. >> we worked really, really hard. buenos aires is beautiful. a texture, color scheme that is really unique in the world.
4:56 am
we put a lot of effort into depicting it in a particularly s sinemtaic form. people from buenos aires, psychotherapy is really big there. everybody has a therapist. no shame or dishonor in admitting, i'm going to talk to my therapist about my problems. i mean, everybody, you know, middle class, working class, upper class, it is not uncommon to have some kind of -- someone to talk to. >> what did you get in terms of darivation and development? >> i have no idea where this comes from and why it seems to be unique to ar jen tin at thar >> really interested. they call it the paris of south america. it is really big with food. obviously known for their
4:57 am
barbecue. but different than we are here in the states. barbecue means so many different things to people here. there is a purism. what did you find? >> they grill. they pile wood, tons and tons of wood, burn it out into coals and slow grill every cut you can imagine of every type of sus sag -- sausage. more meat, really. i'm joking, but i don't think i saw a salad the entire time i was there. >> you have to go with what they're doing. getting deep into the organic nature of the place. that's what you do best. >> wine and meat. >> what do you find in the hope metric, the hope aspect of the people down there, argentina, buenos aires specifically. people are watching it to see which way the entire continent will go. what are you seeing? >> they've teetered back and
4:58 am
forth many times. i don't know. there is a morbid sense of humor, i think resignation. they've been some really awful times, and survived. i think, you know, reasonably cautiously hopeful. but not optimistic in a foolish way. i mean, expect the worst, you'll never be disappointed. >> so how do you feel now that the season is done? >> i feel good. i feel -- i'm looking forward to another one. i have the best job in the worldment i'm milking it for everything i can. >> any obvious bucket list item you're still waiting to check? >> i'm hoping that we could find a safe way to shoot in northern afghanistan. you know, in a responsible way.
4:59 am
bangladesh, yemen, i'm hoping, you know. a lot of the places we haven't filmed yet is probably for security reasons. there are parts of the world i'm curious about, but i have to be cautious. >> you do. because you have to do it right. you have to be safe. but boy, you give such great access to the rest of us. thank you so much, tony. congratulations on another amazing season. always great to have him hear you. c you can watch it sunday, anthony bourdain, only on cnn. man, that looked delicious. we're following a lot of news this morning, including hillary clinton big endorsements, let's get right to it. >> i'm with her. >> she has the courage, compassion and the heart to get the job done. >> donald trump is a loud, nasty, thin-skinned fraud. >> god willing in my view, it will be secretary clinton. >> huddling with top donors and
5:00 am
reince priebus. >> learning thousand be a candidate. >> i'm going do everything in my power to make sure that donald trump does not become president. >> it is a sentence that shocked the country, six months in jail for sexually assaulting a defenseless stranger. >> he will not serve his full six months in jail. >> six months, reduced to three, for so-called good behavior. >> no scenario where your son should be the sympathetic figure here. he is the rapist. >> this entire sentence is outrageous. >>announcer: this is "new day," with chris cuomo and alisyn camerota. >> welcome, it is friday, june 10th. 8:00 in the east. the rape story continues to have developments everyday. they continue to try to get the judge off the bench. so we'll tell everybody all the developments. >> very frustrating with the facts being what they were. the second one, not much you can do about it.
5:01 am
if there is not a mistake of law, the sentence stands. >> we'll talk to the legal experts about all of that. hillary clinton capping off a very big week. president obama and vice-president den biden, elizabeth warren now saying they're with the nominee now. clinton is expected to meet with elizabeth warren, while bernie sanders' campaign is nearing its end. >> struggling to get the party leaders back around him. we all know what caused it. it was his latest attacks on the judge and legal system. so let's begin our courage with suzanne malveaux live in washington. >> good morning, chris. an ex ffort by the white house d hillary clinton camp. hosting a high profile visit with bernie sanders at the white house, that was in the beginning of the day, then just 90 minutes later, he releases this well produced video on facebook, endorsing clinton. the video that he made two days
5:02 am
prior, clinton getting a heads up about the endorsement as early as sunday. >> an incredible show of force, top democrats lining up behind hillary clinton. >> i'm with her. i am fired up. i cannot wait to get out there and campaign for hillary. >> president obama endorsing clinton, just hours after meeting with bernie sanders at the white house. the president and clinton, set hit the campaign trail together, in wisconsin next week. vice-president joe biden following suit. making it clear who he thinks the next president should be. >> god willing in my view, it will be secretary clinton. >> and progressive senator, elizabeth warren, backing clinton too. >> i am ready to get in this fight and work my heart out for hillary clinton to become the next president of the united states. >> warren, a liberal favorite, could be crucial in the gab between clinton and sanders supporters. the coordinated endorsements, stealing the thunder of sanders trip to d.c., as his campaign
5:03 am
winds down. >> needless to say, i'm going to do everything in my power, and i will work as hard as i can to make sure that donald trump does not become president of the united states. >> sanders also helping to project unity, by meeting with the vice-president, and senate congressional leaders. >> here we are in mid june, and we're still standing. >> question now is when will sanders fully support clinton as the nominee. >> my hope is that over the next couple of weeks, we're able to pull things together. the main role i'm going to be playing in this process is to remind the american people that this is a serious job. you know, this is not reality tv. >> president obama and hillary clinton will hit the campaign trail on wednesday, that is in green bay, wisconsin. it will be the first of several joint appearances that will lead up to the democratic national con vens convention in philadelphia. he hopes to use his high approval rating and appeal to
5:04 am
the young voters and help garner support for clinton. he has a legacy to preserve in supreme court nominations that are critical to the democratic party. alisyn. >> thank you for all of that. if hillary clinton was looking for an attack dog to unleash on donald trump, she found one in elizabeth warren. the democratic senator unloading on trump in a fiery speech, some wonder whether it was an audition for the vp slot. watch this. >> even disqualifying judges based on their professional background isn't enough for donald trump. trump tells everyone who will listen that he is a great businessman. but let's be honest. he is just a guy who inherited a fortune and kept it rolling along by cheating people. in america, we have the rule of law. and that means no matter how rich you are, no matter how loud you are, no matter how famous you are, if you break the law, you can be held accountable, even if your name is donald
5:05 am
trump. trump is criticizing judge curiel for following the law instead of bending it to suit the financial interests of one wealthy and oh, so fragile defendant. now, trump also whined that he is being treated unfairly because the judge happens to be, we believe, mexican. and when he got called out, he doubled down by saying i'm building a wall. it's an inherent conflict of interest. he has personally, personally directed his army of campaign surrogates to step up their own public attacks on judge curiel. he has even condemned federal judges who are muslim on the disgusting theory that trump's
5:06 am
own bigotry compromises the judge's neutrality. you just can't make this stuff up. we will not allow a small insecure, thin-skinned want to be tyrant or his allies in the senate to destroy the rule of law in the united states of america. we will not. >> all right, let's discuss the impact of that. the strategy behind and the road ahead. senior commentator and advisor to barack obama, david the x axelrod. >> good morning, i'm great. i'm great. >> we have three big issues. warren and what it will mean to the race. we have what this race seems to be about now, which is your word, temperament versus ethics, and then what we're seeing in terms of the clinton process toward unity.
5:07 am
let's start with warren's impact. what do you think about this tactic using her to go after donald trump in a way that clinton seems slow to want to do. and what does it mean for her future within this campaign, warren? is this an introduction to her as a vp? >> well, look, she has taken on this role herself, even before she endorsed secretary clinton. she has been out there, and she has been hitting trump hard, and obviously, getting under his skin, because he keeps reacting to her, both on twitter and in his public interactions. so she is striking a nerve, and she'll continue to do that, i'm sure. and that, you know, often is the role of a vice-presidential nominee, to take the attack to the opponent, whether she becomes the nominee or not, i don't know. but she is smart. she is incisive, and obviously speaks to a base of the democratic party. >> and let's go to what this means, you know. there was all this talk out of the clinton campaign, give sanders room. let's see what happens.
5:08 am
maybe he goes to the convention. maybe it doesn't. then as soon as the door shuts out of the oval office, the president has a video ready where he is supporting clinton. you have biden, warren there. what do you think of the timing, and what does this remind you of with your experience in 2008 when clinton dropped out and you had to negotiate the unity with then senator obama? >> yeah, well, first of all, i think the most important thing that happened yesterday with what bernie sanders said when he came out of the white house. his statement was about as good as it could be from the standpoint of hillary clinton. though he didn't endorse her, it was clear that he was declaring himself part of the team, that he was going to be out there in the fall, working, you know, to defeat donald trump, and by im indication -- implication to elect hillary clinton. none of the language we heard before was part of his
5:09 am
statement. any democratic could have embraced the statement that he made. so i think she must have been very heart ended by what bernie sanders said yesterday. he clearly knew that tape was coming. these endorsements were coming. the president, it seems to me, has been very, very careful throughout this process to be respectful of bernie sanders. and of his supporters. remember, this is a president who was elected by a movement, such as the movement that really propelled bernie sanders, and he wasn't going to lie on the tracks to stop the movement, but now the race is over. it is clearly over. and that process is moving forward. and it's different, chris, than 2008, because there wasn't a sitting president in 2008 popular within the democratic party to bring people together. and i will say this. i have great sympathy for senator sanders and his supporters in that you're going 100 miles an hour, you're
5:10 am
completely dedicated to what you're doing and then it comes to a screeching halt and expected to extend your hand and seau kay, now i'm for you. that's a hard thing to do. yesterday was a big step forward in that process. >> temperament versus ethics. what we're seeing with trump right now, his comment about the judge, his misstatement of the conditions of his own trial. his refusal to apology, his doubling down. the gop now recoiling the leadership. versus well, what about clinton. what about what she did in benghazi, the e-mails what, we see with her and the clinton global initiative. how do you see this match-up? >> well, look, he is going to try to insert that discussion back into the bloodstream on apparently on monday is what he said. and we'll see how successful. he isn't changing the narrative. we just went through a week that was the best week by far for hillary clinton and her whole
5:11 am
campaign, starting with her speech last thursday in san diego, where she really took it to trump hard. and i think provoked him to react in ways that sent him in the other direction. now you see the democratic unifying, and he having trouble unifying the republican party. he needs to change the narrative, and he is going to try to do it apparently with a big blast on this question. her liability, if you look at polling, is on some of these questions of trustworthiness. his liability is on preparedness and temperament, and whether people can actually picture him in that office. and so he needs to sort of blast the thing back to the other discussion, and it's going to be hard to do. because right now, it is very much the debate is very much on her terms. >> it's interesting. it sounds like you're making this week not to be a complete
5:12 am
accident. you think clinton helped trump have a bad week. how so? >> there is no question about it. i think her speech was so provocative last thursday that, you know, and some of his in temperant remarks, it is almost as if he wanted to change the subject, to you know, i think that what we've learned is that he is very reactive. what happened in the republican primaries was that many of his opponents tried to navigate around him, without going right at him, and they ended up playing the game on their side of the field, answerd he was on offense. he doesn't play defense particularly well. so i think there was a message in that for the clinton campaign, which is try to keep him on defense. i think you'll see that moving forward. and you know, one thing i want to say, these are -- there is an eternity between now and
5:13 am
november. >> 150 days. >> each of these candidate also have -- each of these candidate also have good days and bad days, and we'll undoubtedly be breathless about all of it. at the ends of the day, i have this feeling that you saw the outlines of at least the clinton campaign this week, and the potential it has to set -- to put trump on the back of his heels. >> well, ax, you were a ballplayer, we know who clinton's five are, right. she has obama, biden, bill clinton, she's got warren, and maybe sanders will be on the starting team as well. we've got to see who trump can put around him. you can't do it by yourself. let's take a look at the road ahead. you see something in the choice with the candidates are making. let's put up where clinton is going, all right. these are somewhat typical stops, except for wisconsin. what do you think that's about, going to wisconsin?
5:14 am
what do you see in her first choice. she'll thereby with obama, of course. >> yeah, it's not surprising she would go to the midwest. wisconsin, honestly, democrats have won the last two elections in wisconsin, but it is a competitive state. >> she lost it to sanders too. >> one not to be taken for granted. she did. you know, the midwest generally is going to be a battle ground. i expect you're going see her in ohio, you're going to see her in pennsylvania, you're going to see her surrogates there. i want to go back to the point you made for a second, though, which you you named the big five she will have out there. then who does trump put on the court. the problem for donald trump is that he is the only player on the court. you know, he takes up so much room, and there is so much reluctance on the part of other republicans to take the court with him, that he is out manned right now. and it is going to be a problem for him, unless he can find a
5:15 am
way to bring some of these big republican guns in. very few of whom match up with the people who clinton has. so you know, when you make yourself the entire show, it's hard to field a team of five. >> president obama is one of the best of using late night to get across serious messages within the entertainment context. let's take a look at what he did with jimmy fallon and get your take on it. >> thank you, hillary clinton, for possibly becoming the first president. i would have said female, but someone deleted the e-mail. >> thank you, congress, for spending eight years wishing you could replace me with a republican. or to put it another way, how do you like me now? >> he plays the straight man very well. but obviously, a little relish
5:16 am
there in his tone as well. your take? >> oh, yeah. no, look, i think he -- i've known him obviously for a very long time. i think he is in a very good place right now. he feels good about what he has been able to accomplish, very focused on preserving those gains and building on them. he has deep affection and respect for hillary clinton. so he is not going out there ambivalently. he is going to go out there full bore. he is waiting for the moment to jump into the race and engage in the debate. and you know, i think we're going to see a lot of him between now and november. >> david axelrod, always a pleasure. enjoy your weekend, my friend. >> same to you. >> alisyn. okay, chris, democrats fire all cylinders at donald trump. next, we ask a trump surrogate how the presumptive republican nominee is responding.
5:17 am
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5:20 am
it is not the racism that frightens me. we've dealt with race i before. it is the potential impact on the chorus. to use the office for presidency, to intimidate and undermine an independent judiciary would be blatant abuse
5:21 am
of power. >> hillary clinton expanding her arsenal with the president, the vice-president, and senator elizabeth warren, all of them wrapping up attacks against trump. a campaign surrogate. thanks for being here. >> good morning. >> it has been exactly two weeks since donald trump first made his comments about the judge's mexican heritage and not being able to sit on the trump university case, he felt fairly. why do you think this one, these comments of donald trump have stuck around longer than some of the other things he has said? >> well, you're seeing the message move on. you are seeing the news of the day get past it. hopefully we'll move on quickly as well. i think this was an issue that got misconstrued completely. what he was saying and we talked about this before, this specific judge based on his believes cannot be fair. >> because of his mexican heritage. >> not that he is somehow unable to be a judge or not fit to be a judge in general, just unfair to
5:22 am
donald trump. and if you look at the background of the judge, look at his beliefs, his membership of a group that supports illegal immigration, that makes perfect sense. >> let's remind the audience of what donald trump said about this judge's mexican heritage. listen. >> this judge is of mexican heritage. i'm building a wall, okay. his mexican heritage and very proud of it. i'm building a wall, okay. i'm building a wall. i'm trying to keep business out of mexico. he is proud of his heritage, okay, i'm building a wall. we're building a wall. he is a mexican. we're building a wall between here and mexico. this judge is giving us unfair rulings. now i say why. well, i want to -- i'm building a wall, okay. and it is a wall between plmexi. not another country. >> i don't want to spend time re-litigating, but it was perceived as racist, even by fellow republicans. for this particular statement, more than the muslim ban, more than anything that he had said
5:23 am
about women, this one is what fellow republicans have fastened on to and it doesn't seem to be going away. >> it is going away. paul ryan who made the racist comment, i completely disagree by saying one ethnicity is better than another. this is no wayside that, and paul ryan came back and said we should unify behind donald trump. >> are you sure? that's not what he said publicly. who did he tell privately to unify behind donald trump? >> tuesday was the comment he made i believe, and on wednesday, he had an internal meeting and came out and said we need to unify behind donald trump. if you look at the news coverage day-to-day, that's what happened. >> he said again yesterday how disheartened he was by donald trump's comments. let me lay for you -- >> disheartened and move on. >> how was he offended? >> because he thinks the comments were racist and the
5:24 am
sda standard bearer of the party should be making comments like that. >> we should focusing on what donald trump will be doing for the country. >> let me play for you all of the republicans who have come out to speak against donald trump. >> and then let's talk about what donald trump will do for the country, right? >> let's first hear this. >> he needs to quit these attacks on various americans. >> odds just as americans. >> i say this all the time. but i continually am disappointed. >> a moot point whether you'll have a presidency, because he won't be in the white house if he continues to make these statements. >> do i think these antics and give us a campaign we cannot be proud of, yeah i've spoken clearly about it. >> they couldn't be more clear. they couldn't be stronger. boris, here is the thing. it now does appear to be affecting his poll numbers. for the first time after these
5:25 am
comments, let me pull up the latest. fox news poll out this week, he has dropped six points since last month. not the same can be said of hillary clinton, who has stayed steady since may. donald trump went from 42 to 36. clinton, 39-39. gary johnson in the race, he has gone up from 10% to 12%. so it does seem to be affecting him. >> it is the margin of error, right. he is effectively tied with hillary clinton, with five months to go. the state by state polls, extremely important, trump is up in florida, tied in pennsylvania, human for a republican this early on and up in ohio. >> you're not concerned about the national polls. do you think that had he come out and apologized when this started to get a ground swell of people who said it was offensive it would have helped? >> absolutely not, after coming out of the conventions in 1988, and we know what happened. i'm not worried about polls early on. i'm very confident that trump
5:26 am
will win on november 8th. and apologizing, not what he stands for, been disappointed to a lot of his backers. he did the right thing and staying on message, making america great again and on the economy, foreign policy and immigration. >> boris epstein, thank you for representing the trump side. >> my pleasure. cnn exclusive, wolf blitzer on the situation room interviewing mitt romney. vice-president biden, passional words encouragement and more, to oust the judge, next.
5:27 am
5:28 am
5:29 am
5:30 am
vice-president joe biden, adding his voice to the millions around the world, coming out in support of that rape victim at stanford university. in an open letter, the vice-president, writes in part, i am in awe of your courage for speaking out for so clearly naming the wrongs that were done to you and so passionately asserting your equal claim to human dignity, and i am filled with furious anger both that this happened to you and that our culture is so broken that you were ever put in the position of defending your own worth. it must have been wrenching to relive what he did to you all over again. but you did it any way, in the hope that your strength might prevent this crime from happening to someone else. your bravery is breathtaking.
5:31 am
you're warrior with a solid steel spine. more than 1 million have signed a petition to remove the judge in that case, aaron persky, from giving the convicted rapist only a six month sentence. turner could be out in as little as three months. joining us now to talk about this is stanford university law professor and friend of the survivor, michelle landis, and radio personality and adjunct professor, school of law. thank you for being here. this case continues with developments every single day. when a sentence is so out of the bounds in terms of what is customary, that this judge gave this rapist six months as opposed to the two years mandatory minimum sentence in state prison, is there a process by which that sentence can be overturned, appealed or changed? >> no.
5:32 am
the only method that can go about appealing is the defense, which of course, is brock turner's family, who will appeal both his conviction and his sentence, with the information that we have right now. there is no way to do anything legally about what the judge did, which is within his discretion to give a sentence that he thinks is appropriate under california law. so we need to really dismiss the notion that he will get more time or that you can go back into court and fight for him to get a harsher sentence. that part of the trial is over. the only appeal will come from the defense. the only actions that can be taken now are to try to do all the things that they're trying to do to the judge, recall him, impeach him, censure him, push on him to resign. but as far as inside of the sentence, it's over. >> we'll get to those recall efforts in a moment.
5:33 am
fers i wa first i want to talk about the maddening details that have come forward in terms of this perpetrator. the probation officer suggested that brock turner be spared prison. she concluded he was not a danger to the community. how can someone conclude that, when someone has been convicted of raping someone who is unconscious? >> yes, i agree completely, and i think that's exactly why the sentence was far too lenient. want to point out that regardless of whatever the probation department recommends, california law commits that decision to the discretion of the judge. the judge cannot pass the buck to the probation department. it was his call. that's why we're working to recall him. we have an official website, recall aaron and they should go to that website where they can sign up and donate. >> has this recall petition, it is at more than 1
5:34 am
million supporters at this hour. >> yeah, those are wonderful ways to express outrage and i'm glad people are doing that, but those petitions are completely unrelated to the official california election. we have a highly skilled team of national political leaders, and consultants who have joined with us and we have aen official recall campaign, an election campaign, and we're going to put this before the voters, because we need a judge in that chair who understands sexual violence and understands violence against women and will follow the law. >> mo, this perpetrator was depicted as a star swimmer at stanford, somebody who was from a small town, he didn't understand the partying culture of college, he said. well, now the prosecutor's file has been released to the public. 471 pages. there is a lot of stuff coming out now about the perpetrator. he in fact, there is this photo
5:35 am
that has been released of him holding what appears to be a bong, smoking pot, he sent texts about buying and doing acid. he sent texts about buying other drugs, wanting to take ecstasy and lsd. so should the judge have taken all of that into account, or are those things separate when sentencing someone for rape? >> no, the judge was listening to all the sentencing memos. from the prosecution as well as from the defense, which we see now, the documents have been released, they're in stark contrast to each other. really, who is brock turner. is this kid in high school who was wild and crazy and took those same behaviors to college. or was he this saint swimmer who was on his way to the olympics. i think that both sides panlt aid very different picture of him. we know in the end that in the discretion of the judge, he read both of those sentencing memos, and he decided that he only needed to sentence this
5:36 am
particular young man to six months for raping a woman. >> very quickly, professor, i know you talked to the survivor everyday. what is her response to the outpouring that this case has created? >> well, you know, she is obviously very disappointed in the sentence, and very angry that the judge did not listen to her, and wasn't moved by her statement, in spite of the fact that millions of other people were. i think she is gratified by the support she is receiving from the community, but it doesn't make it better that she was ignored, her pain was ignored by judge aaron persky. which is why we're going to recall him in california. >> we know sanford's commencement is this weekend and we've heard from students there do plan to be protests. we'll be following that. thank you for the updates. >> thank you. >> a tough situation. another story for this you this morning, a police officer diffuses a dangerous situation
5:37 am
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♪ ♪ the called described an autistic teenager with violent behavior and possibly suicidal. this officer calms the situation in a way you would never believe. martin savage shows us how he
5:41 am
went beyond the call of duty. >> this is the first time officer tim purredy and injujer have seen each other since that dangerous day. >> you doing all right? >> yes. >> this is the first time jeremiah has seen the now famous photo. and this is what happened. >> this is 911. >> may 12th, north carolina, charlotte, she reports her autistic son missing, a history of violence, maybe suicidal. >> we're doing good, and i don't know what happened today. >> purredy, a 22-year-old veteran, just starting his day. on the radio, he already hears two officers have found jeremiah, but reads something else in their voices. >> do you know what, let me just kind of head that way and see if i might be able to help out a little bit. >> droifrg up, he sees the officers struggling to restrain the teen. >> i pulled right here. >> and senses, it is about to go
5:42 am
very bad. >> his next move is remarkable. >> so as i approached them, i just kind of got down on my knees, you know, and tried to get to his level. >> what did you talk about after that? >> football, the panthers. >> the explosive situation turned into a conversation. >> fellow officer was so moved by the scene, he took a photo. it went viral. >> so tell me this. was the getting down on his level training, or something you have just learned? >> just something that i've learned over the years. >> jeremiah's mom remembers fearing the worst. >> the officer was on his level, sitting with him, communicating, and my son was safe. >> purdy is overwhelmed by all of the attention, saying he knows other cops do things daily without recognition. >> there you go, leave a good one, brother. >> what could have gone wrong,
5:43 am
has turned out more than all right. thanks to a police officer who showed up armed, with compassion. martin savage, cnn, charlotte. >> martin savage, thank you for bringing us that story. that officer certainly went beyond the call of duty. so every year, thousands of kids age out of the u.s. foster care system, many have nowhere to go. but in los angeles, this week's cnn hero, georgy smith is looking to change that. making real homes. take a look. >> this population, and to become incarcerate and to become jobless. the odds are stacked against them and they finally get to the amazing place of having their own space, because they've never had their own home and then they're sleeping on the floor. we need to lift them up and create this foundation from which they can thrive. >> imagine be alone at such a young age.
5:44 am
>> to see how she gives kids a real chance for success. go to cnn and while you're there, feel free to nominate someone you think should be a 2016 hero. all right, it is a tough day, but for many, it's going to be recognizing the best of us. just minutes away from the final goodbye for the goat, the greatest of all time, we're going to talk to two men who knew him like few others did. includi mr. holyfield. good to see you, sir. coming up next. (avo) after 50 years of designing cars for crash survival, subaru has developed our most revolutionary feature yet.
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a final goodbye to the greatest. in just a few minutes, a procession will take muhammad ali's body through louisville kentucky. martin sal martin savage consider wr where crowds are gathering. >> reporter: a festive place. this is a day to celebrate
5:49 am
muhammad ali. they've gathered along the procession route, staked out their favorite spot, some have got coolers. everyone has a story to tell about their personal interaction with muhammad ali, and that's the thing. everybody says he was so accessible, which is why this procession is so important. muhammad ali wanted this, essentially even after he passed, he wanted to take one more drive around his hometown so he could say goodbye and they could say goodbye to him. the whole world, media is here, and people from around the world have come as well. and then there is, of course, the very public service that will take place at 2:00, but aren't any tickets. the last chance to say goodbye will be on the streets ever louisville. >> it is just beginning there, and of course, only such a skinny slice of people that can get to the actual house in louisville around the world. this is going to be regarded as a very important day. let's talk to two people who knew the champ inside and outside the ring. we have five time heavyweight
5:50 am
champ, evander, the real deal, holyfield, and muhammad ali b bigropher. champ, what do you want people to know about muhammad ali? >> well, ali was great man. a man that had character, that wanted you to be better. he inspired hope. >> in the ring, what did he mean to you in terms of what he represented in the sweet science? >> it meant a lot. 8 years old, be like ali. he was great. a man who backed up what he said, and engaged you. >> what made him the best, the g.o.a.t.t., when it came to boxing? >> well, you know, he strived.
5:51 am
he was -- he is a man that stood up, stood up when it wasn't -- it wasn't comfortable or fashion enough to do so. this is what he did, and he backed up what he said. >> what i love about hearing from evander about ali is i'm talking to him about boxing, but by reflex, his instincts go beyond that, the greatness of the man outside the ring. you talk about ali as a warrior who baem a prophet of peace. it is interesting, i don't think we know anybody else who you see their greatness in one area, but it becomes melded with another the way it is with ali. >> that's true. listening to evander just now, and seeing the sadness in his eyes, i would urge him to move towards a time of celebration, and i was thinking back to a time when muhammad called me on christmas to wish me a merry christmas. i know evander is devoted in his
5:52 am
faith as ali was in his. muhammad called to wish me a merry christmas. i said think about that for a minute. a muslim calling a jew, and muhammad said we're trying to get to the same place, and that's a good message for everybody today. >> how do you see ali's motivations? inside the ring and outside the ring with his work around the world, what was similar and different? >> muhammad said that his boxing was simply a platform for what came later in life. in truth, it was the foundation of everything he did. it is ironic, really, that the foundation of this man who became the embodiment of peace and love for several generations was violence. but that's how it started. he transcended that. he was a beacon of hope for o oppressed people.
5:53 am
>> very drocontroversial. it wasn't today, when he did that. >> you have the same thing today, if someone who was very strident and adherent to the muslim faith, but if you had an american superstar who supported al qaeda, or isis, which is really the way people looked at ali in the early 1960s when he adhered to nation of islam doctrine, which is very different from what he embraced. one of the sad things is people say ali stood up for his principles. but they don't understand what his principles were back then. and how they evolved. at one point, he believed in a set of principles that arthur ashe referred to as american apa apartheid, and it should be something studied by everybody. it is important to get through
5:54 am
these times. >> tom pointed out something that we can see here, people can see at home, evander, you try to have a smile on your face, but this a hard day. what did ali mean to you and how are you doing in terms of dealing with the fact that he is not here with us any more? >> well, it is bittersweet type situation, meaning that he set goals for people to achieve. and but you know, at some point in time, you know, for everybody, they have a day that they have to meet the maker. and he left a legacy. >> will there be another like ali? >> i think that's the whole goal. the goal in life is to inspire somebody to be better. >> what mattered more to you, how great he was inside the ring or outside? >> well, all of them worked together inter changeable.
5:55 am
as a kid, you know, i, you know, at 8 years old, i just seen a fighter. but in 1996, olympics, you felt that he was -- bigger than -- more than a fighter. this man did all this great work. >> you know, look, as you know, we've met before i've been a student of you for a long time. you changed styles. you changed as you phased through your championships what you had to do. so did ali. he had different pressure on him, right, when he took his fans, he was lightening fast before he became a slugger after. did you respect that transformation in him, and what did that take for him as a fighter? >> well, it takes a lot, you know. the fact of the matter in any situation, you know, it start this is way and turn to the right, turn to the left, but the
5:56 am
person who don't quit is the one that is eventually rise to the top, then. and same thing that i've learned. if you don't quit, eventually, you'll win. >> but it's easy to say, hard to do. you've done it brilliantly and so did your mentor. champ, thank you for the perspective, i'm sorry for your loss. thomas, the same regards to you. i look forward to the new book, and reading after i process the current events. thanks for helping us understand this giant a little better. >> thank you for having me. just the beginning, stay with us for the memorial service. we'll begin our coverage at 1:30 eastern. "newsroom" with john berman, in for costello, will begin right after this break. have a good weekend. with creative new business incentives, and the lowest taxes in decades, attracting the talent and companies of tomorrow.
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good morning everyone, i'm john berman. thank you for joining me this morning. we're following two major stories unfolding this hour. a final


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